Yoshitomo Nara Miss Margaret
Yoshitomo Nara Miss Margaret
Yoshitomo Nara Miss Margaret
Yoshitomo Nara Miss Margaret

Yoshitomo Nara Miss Margaret

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제가 정말 좋아하는 Yoshitomo Nara 에서 최애인 Miss Margaret이 스케이드 보드 제품으로 나왔습니다. 오래 기다린 제품인데 너무 설레입니다.
제꺼는 이미 주문했고, 원하시는 분들 있으면 구매대행 해드릴게요.
소장가치 있는 제품입니다.
총 3개의 스케이트로 구성된 하나의 작품입니다. (개당 80x20cm)
벽에 걸수있는 kit 포함되어 있습니다. 스케이드 뒷면은 깔끔한우드로 되어있고, 요시모토 나라의 사인이 프린트 되어 있습니다.

*배송비, 관세 포함금액 입니다.  27일 까지 주문 가능하세요.
  • Designer
    Yoshitomo Nara and The Skateroom
  • Size
    31h x 8w x 0.5"d per deck
  • Material
    7-ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Origin

This skateboard triptych features a reproduction of Yoshitomo Nara’s Miss Margaret (2016), a painting that delivers the prominent Japanese artist’s trademark blend of childlike innocence and adult emotions on the same face. It also exemplifies the importance of eyes in Nara's later work, influenced by the change in his eyesight as he aged.

 "Having lost my perfect eyesight—or having gained new sight—I started regarding myself just as one part of my audience," Nara, whose work is represented in MoMA’s collection, remarked. "They say human eyes are the mirror of the soul, and I used to draw them too carelessly... About ten years ago, however, I became more interested in expressing complex feelings in a more complex way."

This Yoshitomo Nara Skateboard Triptych is produced by The Skateroom, a platform for promoting, selling and producing art on skateboards that supports youth-empowering organizations. Add your own wheels (not included) for a cool, functional skateboard or hang the triptych on your wall as art (wall mount included). Each deck measures 31h x 8w x 0.5"d.