Rabbie Rabbit

Rabbie Rabbit

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Hi, I’m Rabbie. Named after the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, I like haggis and dislike neeps and tatties. Rabbie is a true Scot - he's made in our Dundee Knit Shop, and sports a magnificent pair of tartan pants. And he's arrived just in time to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in 2023! Rabbie is made from 100% lambswool with polyester stuffing and is suitable for ages 3+. We knit all of our creatures in the UK using the softest yarns. Each one is assembled and embroidered by hand - you can find the name of each creature's maker on its cardboard tag. We give each creature a little squeeze before sending it to its new home.



• Made in United Kingdom

• Dimensions: 40cm l x 14cm w x 7cm h

• Weight: 0.3 kg